William (Bill) Stewart
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hi, this page links to some of the things I've worked on.  Feel free to contact me at wstewart at williamstewart dot com.


  • The Living Internet – Reference about the Internet, main technologies, and human history.  The first Web published book, on January 7, 2000.  Input from many Internet creators.


  • Code – Open source software for: Construction of geodesic domes in multiple dimensions; Proportional representation for election results; Fuzzy logic linear programming; AVL trees; and Website navigation.


  • Fun Standard A standard for having fun, republished widely, including in The TQM Magazine and Taiwan Daily News.  Translations in five languages.  Free poster download.
  • Public Party Financing – A simple and balanced method, which MP Mark Assad copied to his fellow Members of Parliament, and kindly mentioned in the House of Commons when legislation passed in 2003.
  • Proportional Representation – A simple and fair implementation method, including an open source software application, prepared for the Canadian Royal Commission on Electoral Reform of 1989.
  • Perspectives – Essays on: Affirmative Action; Capitalism and Socialism; The UN Charter; Abbie Hoffman; Chaos Theory; Individual and Collective Rights; Changing Constitutions; and Giving Women the Vote.


  • Philosophy – Why Are We Are Similar?  Why No-one Is Best.  Your Intelligence In Perspective.  Is There Any Trend?  Anyone Know Why We Are Here?  Design Builtin To Our Universe.  Four To Start.  Expanding Consciousness.  Tragedy In Perspective.





  • William Stewart II – Father, had the most fun a human being could have flying fighter planes, risked his life to help defend the free world when it really mattered, and did his duty as a man as best he could.
  • William Albert Mott – Grandfather, helped build New Brunswick as mayor of Cambellton and member of the legislature, with excerpts from the Proceedings of the N.B. Legislature from 1893-1902.