Essays published in UNB's campus newspaper The Brunswickan.

  • Affirmative to Affirmative Action - 1990-02-23

    Defending a correction in progress, and wrenching society, particularly painfully in Canada for a bewildered generation of otherwise good-willed unilingual white men.
  • Capitalism and Socialism - 1990-03-16

    Trying to balance the drunken ideological stumble from "freedom won" to "capitalism perfect" shortly after the collapse of communism. (Didn't work - had to await "internal contradictions" and 2008.)
  • First Principles in a Post Cold-War World - 1990-09-21

    Arguing that Canada, who's PM won the Nobel Peace Price for helping establish UN peace-keeping, should join the war to liberate Kuwait, because stopping war was the reason the UN was created.
  • In Memory of a Great Man - 1990-09-28

    Remembering the 1960's activist Abby Hoffman's visit to UNB after his untimely passing, and why we should get up off our butts and vote, because democracy rules, man.
  • Rights and Wrongs - 1991-10-11

    The necessity of constitutional supremacy of individual rights over collective rights to both individual and societal freedom, in the context of an eventually failed Canadian attempt at the reverse.
  • Gonzo Constitution Making - 1991-11-08

    The result of the collision of every power a Prime Minister could bring to bear in a democratic society, and the common sense of the citizenry watching a national consensus form on cable TV.
  • Women-Then and Now - 1991-11-15

    Illuminating highlights of a debate in 1899 in the New Brunswick Legislature on extending the vote to women. (W.M. Stewart's great-grandfather unfortunately voted against.)