Stewart of Canada Coat of Arms

William Stewart
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This page links to some of the things I've worked on.  Feel free to contact me at wstewart at williamstewart dot com.



  • Deeply Practical Project Management – The essential project management best practices, available as a book, through onsite training, and as the world's leading online applied PM course with more than 10K students.
  • The Living Internet – The original reference about the Internet, main technologies, and human history, with input from many of the Internet creators. The first Web published book, posted live on January 7, 2000.

    An interview I did covering the history of the Internet from Vannevar Bush's visionary Memex through the Sputnik satellite to the World Wide Web can be found here.
  • Best Of War & Peace – A selection of the very best 10% of one of the best books of all time.



  • Team Human The opportunity to solve almost all our problems at once.
  • Fun Standard A standard for organizational fun, republished widely such as in The TQM Magazine and Taiwan Daily News, with translations in five languages, and a free poster download.
  • Public Party Financing – A simple and fair method, which MP Mark Assad copied to his fellow Members of Parliament, and kindly mentioned in the House of Commons when legislation passed in 2003.
  • Proportional Representation – A simple and fair method, including an open source software application, prepared for the Canadian Royal Commission on Electoral Reform of 1989.
  • Perspectives – Essays on Affirmative Action, Capitalism and Socialism, The UN Charter, Abbie Hoffman, Chaos Theory, Individual and Collective Rights, Changing Constitutions, and Giving Women the Vote.


  • Best Songs Of All Time / Spotify URI - The best songs on Spotify, self-propelled, with an essential idea at the core, unfolding in a natural, almost automatic fashion, speaking to something in us we need to hear, containing an inner life, and can be listened to again and again, more than 400 songs mixing country, folk, pop, rap, and rock .


  • EnterpriseLibre – I founded Cirrus Computing to develop an all open source enterprise in a cloud integrated from all of the very best open source, available anywhere over the Internet over virtual desktops. And it was recursive, with any one enterprise able to produce more enterprises.
  • Code – Open source software for: Construction of geodesic domes in multiple dimensions, Proportional representation for election results, Fuzzy logic linear programming, AVL trees, and Website navigation.



  • Philosophy – Picture explanations of: Why Are We Are Similar?  Why No-one Is Best.  Your Intelligence In Perspective.  Is There Any Trend?  Anyone Know Why We Are Here?  Design Builtin To Our Universe.  Four To Start.  Expanding Consciousness.  Tragedy In Perspective.



  • William Stewart II – My father, who had the most fun a human being could have flying some of the original jet fighter planes, risking his life to help defend the free world during the cold war when it really mattered, and did his duty as a man as best he could.
  • William Albert Mott – My grandfather, who helped build New Brunswick as mayor of Cambellton and member of the Legislature, with excerpts from the Proceedings of the N.B. Legislature from 1893-1902.



  • Templates – Document templates with:
       a. Separate sections and page numbering for the title page, table of contents, and body;
       b. Formatted and numbered headings for Header 1 through 5 and Heading 9 for Appendices;
       c. A formatted table of contents (just right click and select "Update" to update).

    - Microsoft Word template

    - LibreOffice Writer template