The more widely used FOSS is, the sooner we obtain a cosmic win^win.
        W. Stewart, 2013-11-07.

This page provides links to software that creates beautiful structures and moves them around with precision.  To the best of the author's testing and knowledge they are all bug free, however this is an opinion and not necessarily a fact ;-)  All are open source GPL3 licensed.

Traveling around a vertex in 3D and 4D
Returns the convex hull of a set of points S from any dimension d, with very efficient time and space complexity, including for dynamic updates.  Includes unwrapped recursion using a self-initializing doubly-linked list for predictable storage and time control, and a highly optimized near linear quicksort module.

Documented in my PhD thesis with LaTeX typesetting software that creates particularly beautiful mathematical formula, for example on pages 27 and 63.  The graphs in Chapter 6 were produced with separate software, then manually glued in, so are unfortunately not included in the soft-copy.
  • Election Proportional Representation - WATFOR (1990)

    Provides a proportional representation implementation for the voting results of an election, adding members with the "next highest support".  Includes an efficient quicksort in Waterloo Fortran.  Part of a submission to the 1989 Canadian Royal Commission on Electoral Reform.
  • Fuzzy Logic Linear Programming - FORTRAN 77 (1988)

    Solves the linear programming problem using the fuzzy logic algorithm described in Fuzzy Programming and Linear Programming with Several Objective Functions, Zimmermann, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, North-Holland Publishing Company, 1978, pp. 45-55. An early expert system implementation.
  • AVL Search Trees - IBM PL/1 (1988)

    Implements all the operations needed to use the self-balancing search data structures AVL trees, including make, insert, delete, traverse, balance, and rotate.
  • Website Navigation - JavaScript (2006)

    A simple solution for Previous, Next, and Up navigation of a website, originally developed for LivingInternet.com.
  • Software Debugging - LaTeX (1989)

    Basic advice on bug prevention and identification, prepared for a class I taught to first year computer science students.